Censorship of in China

TitleTested SinceCensored*Tags
keyword: fuckingSep 201233%Keywords
keyword: fucktheccpJul 202233%Keywords
keyword: FurzkissenMar 201733%Keywords
keyword: FxproDec 202033%Keywords
keyword: f轮功Nov 202233%Keywords
keyword: gambleApr 201833%Keywords
keyword: GamerJan 201633%Keywords
keyword: gamesenseMay 202033%Keywords
keyword: gamingJul 202233%Keywords
keyword: gangutechDec 201533%Keywords
keyword: gansuMay 201233%Keywords
keyword: GascoigneJan 201433%Keywords
keyword: gayromeoMar 201533%Keywords
keyword: GazaMar 202433%Keywords
keyword: GC党May 201233%Keywords
keyword: GFHGApr 202433%Keywords
keyword: GFHGSDGMApr 202433%Keywords
keyword: GGZGGCDJun 201533%Keywords
keyword: ghoogleMar 201833%Keywords
keyword: GianMay 202433%Keywords
keyword: githubJan 201333%Keywords
keyword: glG2sauApr 201633%Keywords
keyword: gmailMay 201233%Keywords
keyword: gm提示Sep 202033%Keywords
keyword: gnklergklergJan 201333%Keywords
keyword: goldennewsJun 202033%Keywords
keyword: gollumApr 201633%Keywords
keyword: gonMar 201433%Keywords
keyword: gongfeiSep 201233%Keywords
keyword: gong产当Nov 202233%Keywords
keyword: gong产谠Aug 202333%Keywords
keyword: gong惨dangFeb 201333%Keywords
keyword: gong铲谠Oct 202233%Keywords
keyword: GoogAug 201433%Keywords
keyword: googelAug 201833%Keywords
keyword: googleMay 201233%Keywords
keyword: googleapisMay 202033%Keywords
keyword: googleplusSep 201333%Keywords
keyword: Google学术Apr 201533%Keywords
keyword: google镜像Nov 201633%Keywords
keyword: gooleJan 201633%Keywords
keyword: goolgeApr 201733%Keywords
keyword: GordonNov 201533%Keywords
keyword: GovermentMar 201333%Keywords
keyword: governmentJul 201233%Keywords
keyword: governorMay 201233%Keywords
keyword: gpassJun 201433%Keywords
keyword: gptNov 202333%Keywords
keyword: graniteAug 201433%Keywords
keyword: greatfireMay 201233%Keywords
keyword: greatfirewallofchinaFeb 201533%Keywords
keyword: GrosanJul 201633%Keywords
keyword: groteJan 202133%Keywords
keyword: GroznySep 201233%Keywords
keyword: guang诚Jun 201233%Keywords
keyword: GuanzhouApr 201533%Keywords
keyword: GuerreMar 202433%Keywords
keyword: gyniimeApr 201733%Keywords
keyword: h9b8Nov 202233%Keywords
keyword: haJul 201533%Keywords
keyword: habboMar 201733%Keywords
keyword: HACKERDec 201533%Keywords
keyword: hackerspaceMar 201333%Keywords
keyword: hackingFeb 201333%Keywords
keyword: hafeleMay 202433%Keywords
keyword: haircutFeb 202033%Keywords
keyword: HaloAug 201733%Keywords
keyword: handyMar 201533%Keywords
keyword: harekrishnaJul 201533%Keywords
keyword: harekrsnaJul 201533%Keywords
keyword: harvettfox96Jan 201833%Keywords
keyword: hatsMay 201933%Keywords
keyword: hdeJan 201733%Keywords
keyword: hdhdhdFeb 202033%Keywords
keyword: hechtFeb 201533%Keywords
keyword: heideloonMay 202333%Keywords
keyword: heklaDec 201333%Keywords
keyword: helldiversApr 202433%Keywords
keyword: helloworldMay 201233%Keywords
keyword: helooNov 201433%Keywords
keyword: hentaiSep 201233%Keywords
keyword: herroFeb 201533%Keywords
keyword: hey16Feb 201333%Keywords
keyword: heyhey0406Nov 202233%Keywords
keyword: hgApr 201933%Keywords
keyword: hg0088Dec 201533%Keywords
keyword: hightailJul 201433%Keywords
keyword: Hikvision1984Aug 202333%Keywords
keyword: hippiepittisApr 201533%Keywords
keyword: hippyJun 201633%Keywords
keyword: hitboxSep 201433%Keywords
keyword: hitlerMay 201233%Keywords
keyword: hkgoldenFeb 201433%Keywords
keyword: hktvNov 201433%Keywords
keyword: hkyNov 201433%Keywords
keyword: hoccAug 201733%Keywords
keyword: HomophobiaSep 201233%Keywords
keyword: homosexualJul 201233%Keywords
keyword: hongJan 201833%Keywords
keyword: HongkoreoMar 201733%Keywords


* Blocked, censored, or restricted, in the last 90 days. Red = a URL that is blocked, or a keyword that is censored on one or more websites. Yellow = a URL that is throttled or self-censored. For more info, click an individual entry or check out or FAQ.

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