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Use machine learning to optimize circumvention connection performance - US$5000 bounty

Mission objective: To analyze the sample data provided below, using machine learning to optimize the choice of proxy nodes. The goal is to maximize the proxy speed. The sample data contains proxy server IPs, user ISPs, request completion times, day of month and hour of day. We will evaluate how well the contestant understands and utilizes machine learning methods.

Please submit source code and a basic explanation of your method.

A winner will be selected based on analysis clarity and code quality.

Sample data (generated for this task, it's not real data, the contestant is welcome to generate additional data as needed)


  1. Please email your proposed solution to Support@greatfire.org, with the email subject "GreatFire Bounty". Make sure that you are using a safe email account.
  2. One winner will be chosen for each mission. Please submit your solution as fast as possible.
  3. The reward can be paid using Bitcoin or PayPal.
  4. If you have any questions, you can reach us at Support@greatfire.org.

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