The following is a list of organizations and projects that we feel are particularly important in our mission to bring transparency to online censorship in China:

Autoproxy offers a Firefox plugin which selectively routes traffic through a proxy configured by the user. They maintain a central, continuously updated list of URLs blocked in China. Every URL reported as blocked by Autoproxy users is also added to our database for testing.

Blocked on Weibo publishes continuosly updated lists of keywords blocked on Weibo.

Boxun is a US-based, Chinese-language news service run by overseas dissidents. Their goal is to deliver news from and to the mainland in a uniquely open way.

China Digital Times is a bilingual news website covering China’s social and political transition and its emerging role in the world. Their Information Revolution section publishes trends on censorship in China as well as leaks of self-censorship orders. We automatically import their list of keywords blocked in China into our system.

Consent of the Networked is a book by Rebecca MacKinnon on The Worldwide Struggle for Internet Freedom with impressive insights into online censorship in China and it's implications for the whole world.

Electronic Frontiers Foundation is a nonprofit working to defend netizen rights in a digital world. We draw particular attention to their HTTPS Everywhere project as well as their campaign to stop Cisco from selling Internet surveillance and censorship tools to the Chinese government.

Herdict is a project of the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University. Herdict is a portmanteau of 'herd' and 'verdict' and seeks to show the verdict of the users (the herd). Herdict Web seeks to gain insight into what users around the world are experiencing in terms of web accessibility; or in other words, determine the herdict. User reports on Herdict of websites inaccessible in China are automatically imported into our system, and our data of websites blocked in China is also exported into the Herdict database.

WeiboScope Search is a project by The Journalism and Media Studies Centre of The University of Hong Kong which monitors large volumes of posts on Sina Weibo and tracks which ones are deleted.


咦 烈火焚墙 这个微博是被封号了吗


Un saludo para todos los amigos
de China y Asia en general, maldita

Adelante, amigos y gracias.


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