Invest Against Censorship

Our mission is to end online censorship in China. We operate two websites in an attempt to achieve our mission: - which provides real-time monitoring of what searches and websites, both foreign and domestic, are blocked for Chinese netizens. This website helps to bring transparency to online censorship in China. - allowing everyone to search through deleted posts on Sina Weibo so that netizens can learn about issues the government thinks are too sensitive. We believe that we this website we have taken a huge step in ending online censorship in China.

At the moment we operate these web sites and monitor what is happening on the internet in China on a volunteer and part-time basis. We are funded by organizations that support a free Internet, in China and beyond.

If we wake up tomorrow and find that China has decided to free the internet, we'll be a bunch of happy and out-of-business do-gooders (and we may turn our attention to other censorship-happy countries).


I recently read an article in BusinessWeek that talks about your web site. I really admire the courage you guys have shown in the face of such over-whelming odds! I spent my first 20+ years in China before immigrated to US. I know all too well how things work in China. You are risking your life to put up a fight against the censorship, which is one of the most important tools used to CP to keep themselves in power. It puts tears in my eyes to know that not everyone has given up. Chinese people deserve a better government and a better society. It starts from getting to know the truth.

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