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Sat, May 30, 2015

Fri, May 29, 2015

Twitter: GreatFireChina China's Skateboarding Revolution - "in America u have Facebook and u can buy Hustler but u can't do shit" retweet
Twitter: GreatFireChina RT @HaidiLun: Chinese artist faces 5 years in jail for photoshopped image of Xi Dada pulling a funny face: http://t.… retweet

Thu, May 28, 2015

Twitter: GreatFireChina China's lonely voice of dissent refuses to forget the victims of Tiananmen Square retweet
Twitter: GreatFireChina RT @wafarris: Global Times Deletes Own Article About June 4, 1989 #Tiananmen Incident retweet

Wed, May 27, 2015

Twitter: GreatFireChina RT @JoyceLauNews: Chinese students in the West call for truth on Tiananmen Square massacre. And yes, @guardian uses that word. @_EmmaGH htt… retweet
Twitter: GreatFireChina RT @MattSchiavenza: No one notices. Except the Global Times, which publishes an editorial blasting them. The Streisand effect in full force… retweet
Twitter: GreatFireChina RT @MattSchiavenza: 11 Chinese students in the US write an editorial calling for transparency in China with Tiananmen Square. (1)
http://t.… retweet
Twitter: GreatFireChina RT @Lhasa_Bhu: Miss World Canada says dad threatened in China over her political views @tengbiao @wenyunchao @Jianglretweet
Twitter: GreatFireChina Compare: Open Letter to Fellow Students in Mainland China: with 50 center cheat sheet retweet
Twitter: GreatFireChina RT @ZhouFengSuo: Chinese students in the west call for transparency over Tiananmen Square
http://t.c… retweet

Tue, May 26, 2015

Twitter: GreatFireChina Twitter happy to sell ads to Chinese businesses, no need to self-censor to enter market retweet
Twitter: GreatFireChina RT @fion_li: #Malaysia denied #HongKong student leader Joshua Wong entry to country: he was invited to attend a June 4 event: RTHK http://t… retweet

Mon, May 25, 2015

Twitter: GreatFireChina RT @4YL5: 23333,教授这回答。。。 retweet

Fri, May 22, 2015

Twitter: GreatFireChina Links to the CCP Youth League censorship directives - good info, great hack retweet
Twitter: GreatFireChina RT @dreamburo: Hackers Leak Files Showing Inner Workings of 'China's 50-Cent Army' - Radio Free Asia retweet
Twitter: GreatFireChina RT @AndrewJacobsNYT: A bracing look at what has happened to China's best known rights defenders over the past few years
Twitter: GreatFireChina "2 main criteria for banning books: one black, one yellow: black = political issues,
yellow = sex.” via @ael_o retweet
Twitter: GreatFireChina “Chinese dissidents with UC Browser on their mobile device are sitting ducks for surveillance" retweet
Twitter: GreatFireChina RT @chenshaoju: NSA劫持访问Google Play商店的连接,利用UC浏览器泄露的信息 //所以,很早以前我就说不要用UC浏览器…… retweet
Twitter: GreatFireChina Russia threatens to ban Google, Twitter and Facebook over extremist content retweet