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Thu, Apr 02, 2015

Twitter: GreatFireChina RT @niubi: U.S. Expands Foreign Cyberattack Retaliation Options, via @nytimes just in time to respond to github attack?
Twitter: GreatFireChina RT @alanwongw: Facebook blocks sharing of links to @Hongkongdash, a news site founded by members of Joshua Wong-led Scholarism. http://t.coretweet

Wed, Apr 01, 2015

Twitter: GreatFireChina Seems DDOS against GIthub and our websites has stopped retweet
Twitter: GreatFireChina Everyone who cares about free speech should care about the attacks on Github via @voxdotcom retweet

Tue, Mar 31, 2015

Chinese authorities compromise millions in cyberattacks

The Great Firewall has switched from being a passive, inbound filter to being an active and aggressive outbound one. This is a frightening development and the implications of this action extend beyond control of information on the internet. In one quick movement, the authorities have shifted from enforcing strict censorship in China to enforcing Chinese censorship on internet users worldwide.
Twitter: GreatFireChina RT @githubstatus: Everything operating normally. retweet
Twitter: GreatFireChina "Obama administration could increase pressure & enact stiffer penalties against China if (DDoS) attacks continue." retweet
Twitter: GreatFireChina "GFW platform 4 conducting DDoS attacks against targets worldwide w/help of innocent users visiting Chinese sites." retweet
Twitter: GreatFireChina RT @oiax: 编程网站Github遭遇网络攻击 - 新闻与分析 - FT中文网: retweet
Twitter: GreatFireChina China's Man-on-the-Side Attack on GitHub retweet
Twitter: GreatFireChina Evidence shows Cyberspace Administration of China compromised millions in cyberattacks against GitHub and GreatFire retweet

Mon, Mar 30, 2015

Twitter: GreatFireChina RT @klustout: What will it take for Facebook to come to China? @niubi & @AmnestyOnline's Roseanne Rife #OnChina @cnni retweet
Twitter: GreatFireChina RT @paulmozur: China rereleases its censorship anthem, this time w/ sheet music so you can sing along at home http:/… retweet
Twitter: GreatFireChina RT @githubstatus: All systems reporting at 100%. Attack traffic continues, so we remain on high alert. retweet
Twitter: GreatFireChina RT @bitinn: 这也是我去年说的中国3C模式——Copy(复制国外服务),Co-exist(与国外服务共存),Constrain(限制国外服务的发展)。 retweet
Twitter: GreatFireChina RT @githubstatus: 87 hours in, our mitigation is deflecting most attack traffic. We're aware of intermittent issues and continue to adapt o… retweet

Sun, Mar 29, 2015

Twitter: GreatFireChina RT @githubstatus: Into hour 71 defending the attack. Mitigation is holding and service is stable. retweet

Sat, Mar 28, 2015

Twitter: GreatFireChina 无法访问我们Github页面的用户请访问BitBucket镜像 retweet
Twitter: GreatFireChina RT @taosecurity: I just published a new blog post: The Attack on @github Must Stop CC @greatfirechina @nytimes retweet
Twitter: GreatFireChina "We believe the intent of this attack is to convince us to remove a specific class of content." retweet
Twitter: GreatFireChina RT @githubstatus: The ongoing DDoS attack has adjusted tactics again. We are continuing to adapt and mitigate it. retweet
Twitter: GreatFireChina 各位如果有百度JS被劫持的PCAP抓包,欢迎发送给我们分析。 percyalpha[at] retweet
Twitter: GreatFireChina RT @githubstatus: We are continuing to defend GitHub against a very large DDoS attack. retweet

Fri, Mar 27, 2015

CNNIC censored Google and Mozilla’s posts about CNNIC CA

This week, Google found unauthorized digital certificates for several Google domains, the root CA of which is CNNIC. Google and Mozilla both publicly disclosed this security incident and published blog posts(Google, Mozilla). However, Chinese translations of Google’s and Mozilla's blog posts were censored on the Chinese Internet.

  • William Long is a prominent Chinese blogger on IT and tech. He translated Google’s security post without adding any personal opinions. The Chinese blogpost ranked #1 when searching CNNIC MITM in Chinese on Google and Baidu. He tweeted that he received a phone call from propaganda department demanding the post to be removed immediately. The post was deleted. Google cache is still available.

Twitter: GreatFireChina RT @githubstatus: The DDoS attack is still ongoing, but connectivity is back to normal as we contin... See more at retweet
Twitter: GreatFireChina RT @github: We've deployed our volumetric attack defenses against an extremely large amount of traffic. Performance is stabilizing. retweet
Twitter: GreatFireChina @mac_zhou @yegle 能否给我们发一个抓包? retweet
Twitter: GreatFireChina RT @bitinn: 9/ i expect @GreatFireChina to provide detailed coverage on this matter, as they are the target of this attack. Thx @github for… retweet
Twitter: GreatFireChina 百度统计js被劫持用来DDOS Github retweet
Twitter: GreatFireChina RT @Shippo7: 百度网盘的页面有脚本正在ddos github,录了一段视频 retweet
Twitter: GreatFireChina RT @chenshaoju: @chloerei @bermaniastudios @githubstatus @github China's national firewall hijacks JavaScript to DDoS GitHub
Twitter: GreatFireChina RT @githubstatus: The DDoS attack is amplifying again. We are working to mitigate with all hands on deck. retweet
Twitter: GreatFireChina RT @mac_zhou: 对@yegle 发现的百度JS被植入greatfire的现象进行了抓包跟踪,正常百度服务器返回给我日本VPS的TTL为51, RESP返回HTTP 200 OK的报文的TTL是 47,可以确定的是有中间设备对VPS发了伪造报文。 http://t.c… retweet
Twitter: GreatFireChina RT @chenshaoju: @wenyunchao @mac_zhou @cxqn @yegle @Arctosia 劫持和被劫持的时候,HTTP返回的头部信息里的Server字段是完全不一样的。被劫持的时候是Apache,正常的时候是JSP3/2.0.6。 http://… retweet
Twitter: GreatFireChina RT @bitinn: 如果你没能测出这次基于百度CDN劫持的Github DDoS,别担心,这有个视频演示。 retweet
Twitter: GreatFireChina RT @githubstatus: We've been under continuous DDoS attack for 24+ hours. The attack is evolving, and we're all hands on deck mitigating. retweet
Twitter: GreatFireChina CNNIC censored Google and Mozilla’s posts about CNNIC CA retweet